Bet Goodenough brings you the best bets in College Football, College Basketball, and the NFL each week. We will post bets, including; analysis, advice, and opinions. Bet Goodenough strives to do just that, bet good enough. Anyone who has been around sports gambling knows, most amateur bettors win less than 50% of the time (sometimes much less). Professional sports gamblers win approximately 53%-55% of the time (55% + is a great year for a professional). This is our goal at Bet Goodenough, win more than 50% of our bets and flip a couple birds at the sports book cashing out.

Our main strategy is to find lines that have noticeable sharp money. These lines are easy to spot, because the line will typically move in-favor of the public (also known as reverse line movement). Each week our articles will explain the reverse line movement in each bet. We are not in the business of selling picks, we are here to share our knowledge and wealth. Good luck to all you degenerates and Bet Goodenough!

A Letter From the Founder

Hello Degenerates,

My name is Brandon Goodenough (yes that is my real last name). I’m a sports fanatic who enjoys watching football and betting on games. I’m originally from the Grand Rapids, Michigan region and raised to love sports. I took my love for sports to school, as I majored in Sport Management at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH. Throughout my college career I worked closely with BGSU’s Hockey, Baseball, and Football programs. After college, I worked with the Detroit Tigers as an Intern and then the Toledo Mud Hens for a season. Working in sports after college, you quickly realize that money talks.. and there isn’t a lot of money for those that work behind the scenes… because of this I transitioned into a different to career path and currently reside in Illinois with my fiance.

Growing up in Michigan, you are either a Michigan or a Michigan State fan, and my family bleeds Maize and Blue. My NFL team is more difficult to explain.. My mom is originally from New Jersey, growing up near the Burlington area. Looking at a map you’ll notice Burlington is 40 minutes from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Eagles are my favorite NFL team. I’m an Eagles fan because, in my younger years my family would fly to Philadelphia airport to visit my grandparents at least once a year. On the drive from the airport to my grandparents, we would pass Lincoln Financial Field with big murals of Donovan Mcnabb, Brian Westbrook, and Brian Dawkins. Not to mention my grandfather is a die hard Eagles fan and has always had Eagles memorabilia, so that definitely played a factor.

When it comes to betting I will RARELY bet on my own team. I would rather bet against my teams and ‘hedge the happiness’ if they win or lose. Most of the time I’ll fade games that include my team and just enjoy the game.

I wish all you degenerates the best of luck, and Bet Goodenough!

~ Brandon Goodenough

A Letter From Our DFS Expert

Hello Degenerates!

My name is Tyler Sabo, longtime friend of the man himself, Brandon Goodenough. Brandon and I are like many of you, just two buddies who love talking sports! Through my weekly articles, I will be seeking to guide you through the rigors of creating an optimal draftkings tournament lineup as well as general strategy and thoughts on the slates. I am NOT a 150 max enter type of player. At most I look to play around six to seven lineups each week andenter about 50 or so dollars.

As a math teacher, I believe there is still an edge to be had through both mathematics and the eye test. During my past ten years I have had some great success in draftkings, including contest taking down two tournament contests totaling $17,000. Through my articles I will be looking to speak to YOU, the general public. The majority of content today revolves around 150 max entry players. I have also seen websites that look to sell actual lineups to people that are supposed “winners.” I’m going to let you in on a secret here. Not even the PROS know what is going to happen on a week to week basis. However, each week I will provide you with the trends, the numbers, the vegas odds, and the projected popularity of players that can help give us an edge. Rather than giving you the lineups, I will provide you with my thoughts on the best plays and the data behind it while allowing you to make your decisions from there. After all, making a lineup is the fun part, it’s YOUR lineup and YOUR money!

~ Tyler Sabo