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I finished 1-5-0 (16.7%) in the fifth week of College Basketball. When a heater ends it can hit hard… well last week my College Basketball heater went ICE FREAKING COLD. This week I’m changing it up and only picking a bet on days that have a bigger slate of games. Last week, the number of games on the slate each day seemed to be less than the first four weeks. I think having less games really effected each games public percentages and line movement, making it much tougher to spot real sharp action.. Cheers to a new week and hopefully a College Basketball heater reboot.. As always, good luck to all you degenerates and Bet Goodenough!

Season Record as of today: 22-13-1 (62.8%)

Every Monday, I will post a College Basketball article including my favorite bet for that day. Everyday of that week I will update the same article with my favorite bet of the day, through Sunday.

Key Terms:

  • Sharp (Sharp money) – Someone who knows what they are doing in sports betting. Sharps are informed, experienced, successful sports bettors. They might be professional bettors, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Often sharps place bigger bets. When a sharp makes a bet, the sportsbook will likely take note and adjust a response line.
  • Reverse Line Movement – When a line moves away from the side receiving the majority of bets.

Tuesday Dec. 14th

Wednesday Dec. 15th

  • No Bet

Thursday Dec. 16th

  • No Bet

Friday dec. 17th

  • No Bet

Saturday Dec. 18th

Sunday Dec. 19th

  • University of Detroit -13
    • This line opened at -12 and is now at -13.
    • 60% of the public is on Central Michigan and this line has moved up a point. This reverse line movement is an indication of sharp money on Detroit.
    • Book Detroit -13!


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