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In week 5 of the college football season, I won 55.5% of my bets! This week I am taking quality over quantity. There are an abundance of games with reverse line movement each week, but this week I have picked the very best reverse line movement and sharp action. I love my bets this week and will be sprinkling the moneyline on a couple teams! As always, good luck to all you degenerates and Bet Goodenough!

Season Before Week 6: 41-26-5 (61.2%)

Season After Week 6: 44-33-6 (57.1%)

Key Terms:

  • Sharp (Sharp money) – Someone who knows what they are doing in sports betting. Sharps are informed, experienced, successful sports bettors. They might be professional bettors, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Often sharps place bigger bets. When a sharp makes a bet, the sportsbook will likely take note and adjust a response line.
  • Reverse Line Movement – When a line moves away from the side receiving the majority of bets.
  • 75% of the Public is on the Michigan State.
  • This line opened at +5 and is now at +5.5
  • With this line staying steady around 5 and 75% of the public on Michigan State, it’s an indication of big money on Rutgers suppressing the line.
  • Book Rutgers at +5.5
  • 86% of the Public is on Ohio State.
  • The line has moved from +21.5 to +20.
  • This line moving from +21.5 to +20 with 86% of the public on Ohio State, tells me there is sharp money on Maryland.
  • Book this at +21! I also like this line down to +20.5
  • 70% of the Public is on Texas.
  • The line opened at +10 and is now at +3.5.
  • Moving 6.5 points with just 70% of the public on Texas, this line has very heavy sharp money and the public is following.
  • Book the Longhorns +3.5! Sprinkle the moneyline

Virginia +3

  • 66% of the Public is on Louisville.
  • The line opened at 2.5, moved up to 3.5 early and has moved back down to 2.5
  • With the early line movement and 66% of the public on Louisville, it tells me sharps were on Virginia early and the public took the line movement bait.
  • Book this line at +3! I like this line down to +2.5, but shop around. Also, sprinkle that moneyline.

Syracuse +7

  • 77% of the Public is on Wake Forest.
  • This line has moved from +7.5 to +6
  • With 77% of the public on Wake and the line moving in the opposite direction, it’s a big indicator of sharp money on Syracuse.
  • Book the Orange at +7! I like this line down to +6…. and sprinkle that moneyline.
  • 69% of the Public is on Wisconsin.
  • The line has moved from +17.5 to +10.
  • We have another major indicator of sharp money on Illinois, with this MASSIVE 7.5 point reverse line movement.
  • Book this line at +10! Sprinkle some on the moneyline…

Virginia Tech +3

  • 64% of the Public is on Notre Dame.
  • The line has moved from +5.5 to +1.
  • This 4.5 point downward movement, with 64% of the public on Notre Dame, tells me there is HUGE sharp money on the home dog Hokies. In a prime-time game in Blacksburg and “Enter the Sandman” to get things rocking, don’t bet against Virginia Tech.
  • Book the Hokies at +3. I like this line down to +1.
  • 67% of the Public is on USC.
  • This line opened at +4.5, quickly moved to -4.5, and is now staying steady at -3.
  • With this line moving 7.5 points and only 67% of the public on USC, it tells me there is BIG sharp money on USC. This sharp money came early with an initial 9 point movement, one minute after the line opened.
  • Book the Trojans -3!

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