Bet Goodenough is expanding it’s sports betting content! I am happy to introduce a very good friend of mine and a daily fantasy savant, Tyler Sabo. He will eventually write on a few different daily fantasy sports; but to start, he’ll write a weekly article on Daily Fantasy Football.

A Letter from Tyler:

Hello Degenerates!

My name is Tyler Sabo, longtime friend of the man himself, Brandon Goodenough. Brandon and I are like many of you, just two buddies who love talking sports! Through my weekly articles, I will be seeking to guide you through the rigors of creating an optimal draftkings tournament lineup as well as general strategy and thoughts on the slates. I am NOT a 150 max enter type of player. At most I look to play around six to seven lineups each week and enter about 50 or so dollars.

As a math teacher, I believe there is still an edge to be had through both mathematics and the eye test. During my past ten years I have had some great success in draftkings, including contest taking down two tournament contests totaling $17,000. Through my articles I will be looking to speak to YOU, the general public. The majority of content today revolves around 150 max entry players. I have also seen websites that look to sell actual lineups to people that are supposed “winners.” I’m going to let you in on a secret here. Not even the PROS know what is going to happen on a week to week basis. However, each week I will provide you with the trends, the numbers, the vegas odds, and the projected popularity of players that can help give us an edge. Rather than giving you the lineups, I will provide you with my thoughts on the best plays and the data behind it while allowing you to make your decisions from there. After all, making a lineup is the fun part, it’s YOUR lineup and YOUR money!

~ Tyler Sabo


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