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I finished the first week of the NFL season with a record of 5-3-0 (62.5%). All I can say is the football gods are looking out and luck was on my side! The Lions managed an EPIC comeback to get within 8 points and the Jets were down 16-0 in the first half and manged to get within 5 points.. This second week in the NFL, I am making a ‘non-biased’ pick on my team, along with a few other lines that have major sharp activity. As always, good luck to all you degenerates and Bet Goodenough!

Texans +14 $$

  • 59% of the Public is on the Browns.
  • The line has moved from 14 to 12.5, indicating sharp action on the Browns.
  • I would book this line at +12.5 as well, but shop around.
  • 59% of the public is on the Over.
  • The line has moved from 49 to 48, indicating some sharp action on the Under.
  • Book this line at 48, I’m not comfortable with anything under 47.5.
  • 67% of the public is on the 49ers.
  • The line has moved from 4 to 3.
  • I absolutely hate betting on my own teams, but the way this line has moved throughout the week I couldn’t pass this up. With 67% of the public on the 49ers and this line moving down a point, it tells be there is a good amount of sharp action on the Eagles. Not to mention, the Eagles are a home dog? In the first home game of the year?? After an entire season with no fans???
  • Book this line down to +3 and throw a little on the moneyline!
  • 58% of the public is on the Under.
  • The line has moved from 43.5 to 45.
  • This line moving 1.5 points in favor of the Under indicates sharp action on the Over.
  • Book this line up to 45.
  • 57% of the public is on the Cowboys.
  • The line moved from 1.5 to 3.5 throughout the week. This two point reverse movement is an indicator of major sharp action on the Chargers
  • I placed my bet at -3, but I would take it up to -3.5. Definitely shop around!

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